Portfolio of Art

This is a website dedicated to the art and graphic design I have done over the years.  I also make jewelry from antique pieces and original wire wrapped pieces. For more of my work, check out my website and store at www.studiorcreations.com

A creative heart, humor, joy and reliability is in my very being.  I strive for excellence, imagination and inspiration to provide the best service I can, for you, my customer.

For as long as I can remember, I have been creative, artistic and musical.  It all started with the family band at age 9 singing songs and 2 years later, the bass guitar was added.  I have two older brothers who are still musicians and very talented.  I bass and lead guitar in the family band until age 17, and gave it up for a few years, then I joined a local country band in Madison, Wisconsin for a year.  After I left the band, I pursued a career in interior design, still using my artistic skills to help others create their own "nests".  I went from retail to merchandising with a total of 30 years in creativity.  I have turned a creative corner in my life. 

Since then, I have turned back to art and the urge that drives me to create and experience life!

© 2018 Robin Harrison